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Welcome to your go-to online crystal shop! We believe that with a positive mind, positive thoughts and positive intentions you not only raise your own vibrations but the world around you.
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Who we are

We are your exclusive one-stop crystal shop and we're here to spread love, light, and healing to you!

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Why we work

We've been beautifully gifted the sacred responsibility of sharing healing crystals with the world and showing people how to raise their vibrations one shiny rock at a time.

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Quality Crystals

We Source the most beautiful and high vibing gems and minerals from all over the world and only deliver the best to our customers.

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Crystal Love

You are also a pleasure to order from. You make it super easy and give the best quality and love. 💕

- Brittany Stoltz

Just earlier today I was thinking of how to tell you I appreciate your page. It's a sanctuary that I run to when I am feeling overwhelmed by all of the bigotry and blind ignorance that I am faced with on FB. Very simply, thank you.

- Nick Olson

A friend of mine who is a spiritual healer is suuuuper picky about her crystals. She only mines them herself etc. I've gifted her a few that I've bought from you...she leaves them out on her desk because she adores them so much and thinks they are absolutely beautiful.

- Kaitlyn Moore

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